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TREBLE SINGERS: (Gr: 5-7) Jazz Choir experience for the older camper.

THEATRICS I: (Grades 2 -4) Introduction to theatrics through fun theater games.

THEATRICS II: (Grades 5 -7) Advanced theatrics will build confidence
and self esteem through creative role playing and improvisational acting.

THEATER MAKE-UP: (Gr. 5-7) Learn how to do stage make-up, clown faces, animals, etc ($8 fee required)

HARMONICA: (Gr. 4-7) Learn basic harmonica skills while playing simple songs. (Harmonica required - available for purchase for $8)

BELL CHOIR: Learn fundamentals of bell-ringing while playing familiar songs.

UKULELE: Learn to play this pre-guitar instrument in this fun filled beginning Ukulele class. (Ukulele required - available for purchase for $30).

GUITAR I: Beginning guitar instruction for those who have had NO experience. (Guitar required!)

GUITAR II: Guitar instruction for those who have had some guitar experience. (Guitar required!)

KEYBOARD I: Play easy melodies and some "improv" techniques. This class is for students that are beginners or have had one year of piano lessons. (Keyboard required)

KEYBOARD II: Learn chords, some two-handed techniques, and play
melodies. You must have two or more years of piano lessons for this class. (Keyboard required)

AFRICAN RHYTHMS: Practice drumming routines from Africa.

BOOMWHACKERS: Have fun playing tunes and rhythms on these melodic tubes.

ROCKIN' RHYTHMS: Play a variety of percussion instruments with unique sounds in ensemble form.

DRUM CORPS: (Gr. 4-7) Learn some drumming patterns, accompany music, and play rhythms. (Drumsticks required - available for purchase for $8)

SINGERSIZE I: (Gr. 2-4) Beginning class in proper singing techniques, solo presentation, and interpretation.

SINGERSIZE II: (Gr. 5-7) Build confidence by learning singing techniques, solo presentation, and interpretation.

SWING DANCING: Learn the latest swing dance steps to Big Band Sounds.

LINE DANCING: Learn popular new dance styles to fun country/rock music.

HOP 'N' BOP: (Gr. 2-4) Learn simple jazz movements and routines to fun music.

JAZZ MOVEMENT: (Gr. 5-7) Perform choreographed jazz routines to fun music.

KARAOKE: Make your own solo CD recording to current hits. ($5 required fee).


CHOIR Learn fun new songs for the final production.

JAZZY JEOPARDY I and II Increase your knowledge of music theory, history and trivia with our fun music jeopardy game.

CLASSY CREATIONS Make the backdrop, musical instruments and props for the final production.


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